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REI Systems, operations and sales

February 22/23


This event will be extremely limited seating, as I am holding this event at my own Real Estate Company in Dayton Ohio! This event will be held live at my office.

If you have been thinking about attending one of my events, this will be one you don't want to miss! Reserve your tickets while they last!

Next dates: 
May - Dayton

Taking your business to the next level and getting real results

What You’ll Learn

Systemize your Business

The Roadmap

Create Accountability for People

Day 1 of Training
  • How to build the correct foundation for your business
  • ​The difference between doing Real Estate vs running a Real Estate business
  • ​How to build your team and KEEP them
  • ​How to create accountability
  • ​How to run your business by daily numbers
  • ​How to work more on your business and less in it
  • Day one will focus on our complete operations with the team and giving you the foundation for your business to scale.
  • ​You get to experience it first hand and interact with our team directly.
  • ​Learn our complete flow of business from beginning to end.
  • ​Learn our virtual acquisitions process.
  • ​Learn why you must have core values or you will never grow.
  • ​Learn the Four Pillars to Build and Scale.
  • ​Learn how to properly lay out an REI accountability chart.
  • ​Learn what important KPIs to track and who's responsible for them.
  • ​Learn how Jerry runs his business 3 to 4 hours a week by focusing on important meetings only.
  • ​Learn the format and agenda for our meeting structures.
  • How to stay out of your team’s way and let them excel
  • How to lead without being a micromanager
  • ​How I run my business by a weekly scorecard meeting
  • ​How checklists are the difference between true delegation or just guessing
  • ​Learn about the importance of having a business Activity Line Chart
  • ​Creating the proper mindset to promote massive growth
Day Two
  • Day two will be about creating an individual game plan for every student's business that you will personally sign off on.
  • ​You will receive a complete workbook and Google Drive folder containing our business documents.
  • ​You will leave with a game plan for 2022


“You're able to take and replicate what Jerry has been able to do in his own business and that’s priceless, a tremendous amount of value.”

Matt Motill

“Nobody breaks it down to the nitty gritty and shows you systems and how to actually do it like Jerry does.”

April Crossley

"Gives you a Roadmap... and gets you to Freedom."

Taylor and Ivo

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